Webinar: Faraway, Yet So Close! The Octopus and The Human

Prof. Benny Hochner is a Professor (Emeritus) of Neurobiology at the Department of Neurobiology, Silberman Institute of Life Sciences. He is the Principal Investigator of the Octopus Research Group. Since 1994, he has been involved in octopus arms motor control research as an inspiration for robotics. He also studies the neurobiology of learning and memory of octopuses.

Dr. Letizia Zullo is a researcher at the Center for Micro-BioRobotics & Department of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, working in the field of motor control of hyper-redundant limbs. The aim of her research is to investigate the properties of the Octopus arm sensory-motor systems, the muscle mechanics, structure, and molecular determinants of muscle formation with a special focus on their application in the bio-robotic field.

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